Patrick Pfeifer ​EP/LP, ​​HOUSE

Sometimes you have to dig deep. Finding that one special track with all the unique characteristics takes patience. Artists spend much of their time stuffing vinyl crates, computers, and flash drives with arsenals of music in search of it. All Day I Dream‘s new single Lonely Stars in Open Skies is certainly one of those timeless gems.

This release features an array of artists including Luca Bacchetti off of Endless and Jon Charnis off of Berlin’s famous Innervisions label. Consider it a link to the backroads of some the most prestigious underground artists and labels. Produced by Maher Daniel and Jon Charnis  the original mix of  ‘Lonely Stars in Open Skies’ implements deep robotic bass lines that float perfectly between sharp synth leads and haunting snare hits. In 9 minutes the listener travels on an eclectic journey that starts soft, builds to a peak, and then fades away leaving goosebumps behind.

‘Luca Bacchetti’s Remix’ is a rare masterpiece in its own right. He uses the same bass line over a tribal build of snares and congas that carry this track to a whole new level.

All Day I Dream‘s ‘Lonely Stars in Open Skies’ along with other releases are on Beatport.