Marcos Milos ​EP/LP, ​​TECHNO

Applescal has really risen in stature over the last couple years. From releasing on Traum, working with top producers such as Eelke Kleijn and Ryan Davis,  to remixing indie artists and starting his own label Atomnation. Even Paris Hilton has heard his music.

From A to Sea marks Atomnation‘s 15th release and is the Dutch-producer’s second solo album of 2013 – following up Melodic Dreams’ released a mere 10 months ago.  The nine track LP contains productions first created between 2008-2012 and covers a wealth of sonic programming over its bite-size 33 and a 1/2 minutes.

Your English Song is the album’s oldest production and holds qualities analogue to Radiohead’s own Kid A. The song also holds a strange history – it first appeared on an episode of CSI New York.  Pushing a bit deeper are the longer productions of Stars (a track we premiered) and Thunderstorm with their pronounced and progressive-focused melodies. Screams, A New Fellowship, and Hello You are what’s been described as ‘braindance’, a style also triumphed by Max Cooper that draws heavy historical influence from Rephlex RecordsAphex Twin – who first coined this term to describe their music.

Applescal‘s From A To Sea is available for purchase from Bandcamp.