Patrick Pfeifer ​EP/LP, ​​HOUSE, MUSIC

Not every electronic album thats released this day in age contains tracks you can just press play and walk away from. Many producers use the same old canned loops and synth sounds that seem to find their way into every track or DJ set. Not Roy Davis Jr. With an album name like “Destroy & Rebuild” many questions may come to mind. Was something broken? Did something need to be fixed? Should we try something new? The answer….yes.

Davis grew up in Chicago and was introduced to house music at an early age by pioneer Lil’ Louis. In the late 80’s Davis had helped create the group Phuture, who is now known for creating the legendary Chicago Acid-House sound. His 1997 hit “Gabriel” was played in nightclubs across the world with over 200,000 copies sold worldwide and still finding its was onto compilation albums today. He is no stranger to good production and has rich music culture ranging anywhere from funky disco, gospel, soul and all the way to Chicago House and techno. Earlier this year Davis secretly appeared on a Boiler Room broadcast from Primary Night Club in Chicago. It was the single most viewed broadcast in Boiler Rooms history. Gracing the decks after legends Gene Hunt, Kevin Saunderson, Paul Johnson, Glenn Underground and Phuture, Davis generously played tracks off of his new album Destroy & Rebuild.

The new 13 track album takes you on a musical journey with beautifully crafted chords over driving bass lines to historic figures chanting under smooth analog filters. Mile End Records, an independent record label based in Montreal Canada adds this monster of an album to a long list of prominent releases. No Justice No Peace starts the album out with a distinctive 90’s Chicago house anthem with chords that will simply melt your troubles away leaving you wondering if the rest is just as promising. In God We Trust and Be Hungry take “jack” to a whole new meaning. With religious quotes and speech excerpts from important historical figures Davis reminds us again of how musically educated he really is. Lastly he climaxes with My Nation feat. Terry Dexter, a tune he dropped pre-release at Primary that drove the crowd into a wild dance frenzy…literally.

Destroy & Rebuild out on Mile End Records is exclusive this week on Beatport