Marcos Milos ​EP/LP, ​​HOUSE

The man amongst the leaves above is David Douglas and it’s been 2 years since we last heard from him with his Royal Horticultural Society EP. Today he delivers something we all covet, to get taken that little bit ‘Higher’. This single is a teaser of sounds to come on Douglas’ full-length album Moon Observation, set to launch later this year on Applescal’s Atomnation.

‘Higher’ is the opening testament to mankind’s duality, akin to the light and dark side of the moon. David explains, “Everyone is a moon, and everyone has a dark side he never shows to anybody. . . .  It’s pulling our dark sides. Lighting our blackest nights.”

To triumph this notion through sound Douglas augments a shimmering warmth of rhythmic brassy plucks over tonal organs. The ‘Original Mix’ of ‘Higher’ sonically it lands itself in a realm near the recent work of Ian Pooley and David August.  The  hums and metallic whispers holds the listener close as bouncy vocals and a syncopated drum beat traject the pace forever forward.

The energetic movement bolsters itself with a progressive twist in the ‘Mattheis Remix’. A pure instrumental, the toned arpeggiation and continuous shake of a muted hi-hat push the energy skyward while a willowy whir beads over. Centring the brilliance of ‘Mattheis’ recreation.

In ‘Weval’s Remix’ the interpretation leads off as solemn, cold, and vacuous. The grand design of the original disassembled and stripped. Soon the metallic whispers beckon, much like the final calm and serene hours at the end of a space odyssey. Returning into orbit the music ascends and the initial atmospheric re-entry sends the ship ablaze. Physics reaching their absolute limit. The pressure can not mount any higher, but then all is safe, our  traveler has reached terra firma – ‘Higher’ no more.

Support the artist, David Douglas’s – Higher EP is now available for purchase through Atomnation’s Bandcamp Page.