Patrick Pfeifer ​EP/LP, MUSIC, ​​TECHNO

Detroit in modern times brought us a revolutionary automotive industry and the sounds of techno. This year’s Movement festival brings a host of well known artists as well as local acts such as Ataxia (Ted Krisko) and Secrets (Matt Abbott). They spent the last couple days preparing exclusive tracks that they will perform this week during their performances. The artists hand selected sounds from a local Ford Focus Manufacturing Plant and integrated them into musical projects of their own. Walking the line with a portable sampler they were able to pick up sounds of compressors hissing along with buzzers popping and as Ataxia explains he liked “the big open reverb of he whole facility”.

You can watch an exclusive “in the making” video here

In Ataxia’s 1908 Model T Drive track you can hear at :50 seconds the sirens in the stamping plant creeping in over the rich kick and snares. Keep listening and you loose yourself in an array of warehouse sounds just in time for a sampled vocal quote. At 2:20 you catch the sounds of a Ford Focus side panel being drilled and then a nice acid loop that puts the finishing touch on a new Detroit techno masterpiece.

The second track is Secret’s Focus Pokus. A beautiful composition of modern sounds and effects blended into that classic Detroit sound. Right from the beginning he uses the sound of serial numbers being etched onto a Ford Focus engine. As the track progresses sweet melodic chords take flight. As you approach 1:20 you hear sound of Focus parts moving along an assembly line. Accompanied by an array of bleeps and one shots the track closes out using reverb filled percussion that seems to ride off into the sunset.

You can catch both artists at Detroit’s 14th annual Movement Festival brought to you by Paxahau this weekend. May 24,25,26th

Secrets (Live) on the Moog Stage @2:30pm-3-30pm Sunday the 25th

Ataxia is closing the Silent Disco Stage @8pm-10pm Saturday the 24th