Patrick Pfeifer ​EP/LP, ​​TECHNO

Techno enthusiasts can rejoice once again. Marco Bailey is back and he’s here to deliver a heavy load of remixes from February’s High Volume with High Volume (Remixed). Out on Bailey’s own highly acclaimed label MB Elektronics it delivers tracks from artists Mattew JayUto Karem, The Advent, Dominik Eulberg , and Drumcomplex  who all add their own touch of genius to the originals.

The album introduces remixes of the original’s top contenders: The Fox,  Cash,  Grolzham, three versions of Horny Tiger, and three of The Falcon. Mattew Jay‘s remix of The Fox adds eerie effects to this heavy-hitter and the solid bass resonates over the transient vocals. Cash meanwhile receives Uto Karem treatment and it’s a ride into deeper techno rhythms with cleverly punctuated percussions with beautiful smooth synths from start to finish. The Advent & Industrialyzer do not disappoint either with their collaborative take on The Falcon,  taking the track into a lively brass-infused realm. Certainly a release for every techno lover’s collection.

High Volume (Remixed) is out now on Beatport and more Marco Bailey is available on