Marcos Milos ​EP/LP, ​​HOUSE

If you’re from LA chances are you’ve attended a Culprit Sessions rooftop party at the Standard Hotel. The events are run by a collective simply known as Droog LA which banded together in 2012 to form the label Culprit.

Last year the imprint hooked up with Adriatique to debut their Face to Face EP and it didn’t take long for the label to align their operations with the Swiss-duo. Over the past 15 months they’ve played at Culprit showcases in Barcelona (off-Sonar), Miami, Berlin, and of course LA. Now they are here to open 2014 with their second Midnight Walking EP as they continue to mold Culprits sound for the future.

Adriatique‘s aural development carries on elements from their recent DIYnamic Lophophobia EP and ‘Midnight Walking‘ displays a confidence in their more vibrant and feeling sound. It showcases a tremendous vocal from UK vocalist Name One, the man responsible for collaborating with Maxxi Soundsystem this year on Defected‘s ‘One in Three’ and Hypercolour‘s ‘Regrets We Have No Use For’. The flipside of this EP, ‘Rolling Stone‘, apts for a darker affair that overloads us with its sweeping arpeggio hooks. This broody approach is no doubt intended for late night dance floors.

Out January 27th via Culprit Records.